Shanghai Red

      Existed in Two Worlds
      Being Watched
      Meili Says Goodbye
      Imagine You Couldn't
      End Credits



      Talk in the Woods
      Choosing Fighters
      Spartacus Dies
      Cliff Attacks
      Draba Fight


Last Time Forever

      Main Title
      Beaumont Breaks In
      Outrageous Terms
      John's Seduction




      Bruce's Theme
      Sarah and Bruce
      Around the Track


Yellow Rock

      Main Titles
      Gold to Dust
      Dr. Sarah and the Raven
      Sacred Burial Ground
      Broken Wing's Moment



      Building Amargosa
      Main Titles
      Old People Dreams
      Opera House
      Poetic Montage


Time of Her Time

      Opening Credits
      Moment of Truth
      Tip the Balance
      Finger Cut
      The Wait for Denise


The Soong Sisters

      Dr. Sun and Ching-ling
      Mei-ling Waltz
      The Scroll is Read
      Ching-ling to Russia
      Kill Dear


Jack and the Beanstalk

      Main Titles
      Trading the Cow
      Jack's Dad
      Lesson in Reality
      In the Giant's Cage


Without Limits

      Olympic 5000 Pt.1
      Olympic 5000 Pt.2
      Pre-Race 5000m



Second Chance Season

      Nick's Jams
      Plan A


Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

      Main Titles
      Emergency Room Suite
      Pinhead Devours
      Mind Invasion Suite
      Come to Daddy Suite


Angel on Fire

      Angel's Theme
      Main Title
      Tony and Angel
      The Diary


Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy

      Main Titles
      Foggy Dew
      Shred the Evidence
      Brothers Say Goodbye
      The Bomber


Most Valuable Players

      Parkland vs. Emmanuel
      Main Titles
      Freddy Frenzy


Darkman II: The Return of Durant

      Durant Awakes
      Brinkman's Demise
      The Battle
      Memories of Brinkman



Living in Peril

      Main Titles
      Broken Toe
      Arrive in LA


Heaven and Earth

(arranged, orchestrated and additional music)

      Land Theme
      Saigon Reunion




Pirates of the Plain

      Main Title
      Jack Back in Nebraska
      Pop Up Book
      Red Clouds
      False Treasure


And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird

      Ay, Yi, Yi
      Newman's Escape
      Newman's Stroll
      Robot Robbery
      Wave Goodbye



      Just Relax
      Visions of Cheryl
      The Forced MArch
      Where is She
      Ask Around


Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks

      Main Titles
      Dave Arrives
      Tea Party
      Lalu Emotional Pt. 2
      Gilda's Tape


Animation Magic

(arranged and orchestrated by)

      Bare Necessities
      Sorcerer's Apprentice




Orchestral Selections

      Fantasia Dance
      Hot Foots
      Jazz City
      Cigar Blowup



Music Production Library

      An Avenger
      On the Rise
      Aspiration to Triumph
      Any Day
      Heartland Recovery
      Girls Got Attitude
      Blue Chip Growth